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Absolutely everyone can benefit from a restoring, peaceful session with Wendy. The tranquil atmosphere combined with her skills and care provide results to enhance your well being. Receive excellent service for a great price.

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Reflexology, Rejuvenating Face Massage or Ayurvedic Foot Massage
One hour $85 plus GST

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Reflexology with Face or Foot Massage
90 minutes $120 plus GST

Luxury Dien Chan Facial 95 minutes, $130 plus GST

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Discover deep relaxation, promote health, improve circulation, release pain and look forward to quality sleep and better digestion. Reflexology provides so many benefits to enhance your well-being. We can also incorporate a hormone balancing protocol during your foot reflexology session. Try foot reflexology if you’re on your feet a lot or your feet are sore or your legs feel heavy. Choose hand reflexology if your hands are achy or you use them a lot on the computer, texting, or for repetitive tasks. Any session can focus on lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. During Face Reflexology we can provide a PTSD protocol for anxiety. Reflexology calms the nervous system so you heal and feel your best. We activate reflexes to send signals from the body to the brain to energize weakened areas of the body to foster whole body health. Let us know your concern and we will develop a treatment plan to focus on it. We use an extended massage table with optional heat.

Senior’s Gentle Chair Reflexology

You guessed it- reflexology in a big comfy recliner. This is a 45 minute gentle session. Perfect for those who do not want to lay on a massage table, seniors and women who are pregnant. Not suitable if you are over 6 feet tall. These shorter sessions are recommended for those who are more sensitive to detoxing. Also, a solution for those who have mobility issues such as hip and back problems and find it difficult to get on and off of a massage table. 

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology- performed to help alleviate pain and anxiety, improve mood, energy and sleep. Gentle and relaxing. Various techniques are used to stimulate acupressure points, organ and body reflexes, lymph drainage and emotional brain harmony. Also includes moves for grounding and Chakra balancing. What more do you need? Try Facial Reflexology today! 55 minutes of therapy followed by 5 minutes rest. During Face Reflexology we can also provide a PTSD protocol for anxiety.

Rejuvenating Face Massage

Experience the uplifting, healing touch of face massage. This blissful massage starts with gentle holds for grounding the body and calming the nervous system. Skilled hands then relax your neck, shoulders and scalp before focussing on the face. The mind, body and spirit are soothed as endorphins are released and stress fades away -you feel euphoric. Your face muscles loosen and circulation is increased to promote the production of collagen and elastin for tightening and toning the skin. Enjoy regularly to promote a fresh, well-rested look and to enhance your mind-body connection.  We provide a serene “space of relaxation” so you feel rejuvenated, clear-minded, and a restored sense of wellbeing.

Luxury Dien Chan Facial

This is for more than radiant, healthy looking skin. It’s a whole body experience addressing your specific issues. This holistic facial incorporates the power of Dien Chan by working the face and body energy zones. Gentle Multireflex tools are used for balancing energy, softening and plumping wrinkles, calming rosacea, and caring for acne. Works to boost collagen and elastin for a firmer, more youthful appearance.  Includes a 5 step nourishing facial, with cleanse or double cleanse, mask, steam, toner and moisturizer(s), yang/yin rolling, plus stimulation of vital points for your improved health and well-being. During the mask and steam your feet are pampered. This is a private sanctuary. Please arrive make-up free. 95 minutes of blissful relaxation. Look great-feel fabulous! For more profound results, purchase a Multireflex tool to continue self care at home between therapist sessions. Our products are also available for purchase and customized to you. Take some home to experience the benefits of organic, botanical skin care products that naturally contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and smell heavenly too. Our product line includes Sage’s Sparrow & Pure Anada.

Ayurvedic Foot massage

This massage is soothing for your soul and your soles. Organic oil and a bronze Kansa bowl is used in a methodic motion on your feet and lower legs so they feel lighter and tension is eased. The flow of movement relaxes the nervous system, balances energy and improves feelings of wellbeing. Marma energy points are stimulated using circular motions to create balance, relieve tension, detoxify, increase circulation, boost the immune system and help the mind and body to connect, revitalize, relax and heal. We start with a 5-minute luxurious foot soak.

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